Kernersville camp focuses on keeping kids fit and healthy

Kernersville-based fitness company iLive Fitness has announced a Boot Camp for Kids, a summer camp program for ages six to 18 targeted toward getting kids moving, educated about exercise and good nutrition, and motivated to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


“The most opportune time to teach kids to live healthy is now,” says Reginald Fair, founder and head fitness trainer. “Adults have established their eating habits, routines, and lifestyle priorities. Kids haven’t. It’s our job, now, to teach them that their health is a priority.”


The six-week camp will include a body diagnostic test, performance evaluation, fitness education, C.A.R.S. training (cardio, aerobic, resistance, strength) and nutrition discussions. Included in the $249 camp cost are drinks and snacks, a camp T-shirt, and a detailed workout plan upon the camp’s completion. Camps will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday June 20 through July 30 at Skate Haven in Winston-Salem.


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