What’s so charming about the South?

Everything, it seems by Thomas Smith   Southern charm. The words often are spoken with a kind of reverence. And the feeling they evoke is as pervasive as the air we breathe, and as elusive as a firefly on a summer night.   Mark Twain’s work reflects it. James Taylor’s songs glorify it. And Greg […]

Leaving a legacy

by Lora Songster   Have you ever tried to help someone connect a name and face by describing that person? Over the years, I’ve wondered how I would be described. Tall, blond, silly, serious, squinty-eyed, funny, that girl on the radio?   Although I’m still intrigued by this, earlier this year a greater, more powerful […]

Triad area authors blend history, fiction

Profiles by Danielle Jackson   They write about what they love, whether it’s the world of historical fiction or the beauty of baseball. And they all do it locally.   There’s no shortage of published authors in the Triad. Here, we scratch the surface, talking with area writers about their inspirations, as well as how […]